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Special Tuition

Special Tuition For Pilots
Willing To Achieve Excellence at
The English language threads its way into nearly every aspect of training, operations and maintenance.Checklists and procedural manuals are most often published in English and read aloud on flight decks during normal flight, as well as in abnormal or emergency situations, therefore , english is a must for Pilots and ATC controllers.Tips on how to avoid common mistakes while translating from your mother language to english are skills only an experienced teacher can provide . There are many tutors available in the market today , but the lack of experience and deep knowledge of both languages is something you rarely find . So why lose precious time with unproductive LESSONS and PROGRAMS ? To be able to offer quick response to the demand of a pilot's busy lifestyle is something one should focus before enrolling any kind of tuition . Tailored MOCK TESTS is a standard here.
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Aviation Background
Interacting As A Pilot 
  • Vocabulary Acquisition Training

  • Simple Tenses  ( Grammar Use)

  • Perfect Tenses ( Grammar Use)

  • Use of English

  • Speaking Practice with Tailored MOCK TESTS 

  • Listening Skills

  • Vocabulary recognition

  • Readback

  • Pronunciation set up

  • Phraseology

  • Practice with special Audio Files 

  • Customized "Interaction & Situations" 

  • Listening and Coaching

  • Mock Test Practice

  • Grammar Focus

  • Pronunciation Set Up

  • Phraseology Studies

  • Special Tips 

  • Grammar Focus 

  • Vocabulary

  • Special Description Tips

  • Spacial Position Vocabulary Practice

Emergency Situations
Picture Description
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