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Fred Xavier 

 The son of an American Immigrant in Brazil who was also an English Teacher. I started to learn english from a very tender age and the language came easily at home.

  I decided to improve my english skills in 1987

when I left Brazil and started traveling to english speaking countries such as England and the U.S.A.

  I lived abroad (Europe and USA ) for over 15 Years and I have worked as a teacher for over 25 years.In Brazil for over 11 years now ! The range of expertise is wide when it comes to dealing with People looking forward to study English for very Special Purposes .In the modern world being driven ,Pro-Active and Determined is crucial to start speaking a Second language , and it is no longer considered an "extra feature " at any level!  It has become a MUST !

Long ago one might have said :​

"I have plenty of  time to learn English." 

​"My English Level is enough to fulfill my needs at work."

Unfortunately these statements are no longer true. Many have forgotten to keep up with the pace of technology and corporative demand. People are facing new challenges now and to learn and develop skills in English is somehow a matter of survival in the modern world ! For the ones already able to speak and listen ,write and read they should now study, practice,focus and keep up with the drive, and for those who aren't yet , there is only  one  path to follow and no guarantees .....  "Study hard with the help of an expert and be determined . This will certainly build up the opportunity to achieve success".

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São Paulo, SP 12345-678
Tel: 11-3749-0853
Cel:11-999-50 03 02

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